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'Teaching music is a passion.  Every individual is unique. Music develops the individual's creativity and confidence.  It has an overall positive effect on learning and social skills. My emphasise is to enable the students musical potential to be realised, to build self-esteem and to bring pleasure to learning music'

Teaching is on a one to basis at my home in Headington Quarry. Specialising in Jazz and Pop improvisation. Whether for jazz grades or for fun, both adults and children are welcome.  Often my students get an opportunity to play at the jam session (see details of the Oxford Jazz Kitchen below) or participate in Confluence (a world music collective).  Entirely optional of course!

 The availability of individually booked depend on whether slots become available during the week or there are ‘drop in dates’ which are posted on Priority is given to those who come on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Live Recordings

Trish Elphinstone plays soprano and alto saxophone. She has a modal and blues style which has been distinctively influenced by the Kind of Blue album. Cannonball, Coltrane and Miles have been key inspirational players.  She joined the Oxford Polytechnic (now Brookes University) big band in 1990.

After graduation in 1992, she helped set up a music project in Blackbird Leys and also joined the rock band 'Strangefruit’.  Trish went on to play in an African King Crimson/Gong 'experimental' band  and also jazz-flavoured hip-hop band in Blackbird Leys. Being in these bands gave room for improvisation and she wanted to know more.

Her involvement in the music project at Blackbird Leys went on for almost 10 years and helped young people to perform and produce their own music.  The project enabled the development of the Sound works music studio which is still in operation today. 

She attended a beginners' jazz course at Ruskin College, Oxford in the late 90's. At the end, she and some colleagues from the course formed a small jazz band and ended up gigging. She found out about summer jazz workshops, including the Aebersold and Glamorgan courses. Dissatisfied with waiting for the summer, she enrolled and completed the City Lit course and went onto to get a jazz degree from Middlesex University.

During her degree she wrote an analysis on Django Reinhardt ( and an extended composition on gypsy music called Romany Road ( in 2006.  She is a member of the Oxford Improvisors Orchestra and the piece is was  performed as part of the Cohesion Festival at the Jacqueline du Pre on November 13th 2009. Most members of TEQ took a part in the spectacular orchestra event.     

The Improvisers Orchestra was joined by musicians from a range of traditions including a sephardic singer, tabla and a darabuka player.

The programme culminated in a performance of Trish Elphinstone’s landmark work, Romany Road exploring musical aspects of the migration of gypsy and romany people from India into Arab lands, Spain, and Eastern Europe.  Plus the added Bohemian sounds of the Oxford Improvisers Orchestra conducted by Pat Thomas.

Since graduation she has formed her own jazz band called the Trish Elphinstone Quintet.  The band regularly plays at the Half Moon Pub, St Clements. In the Easter of 2009 the quintet played at the Oxford Jazz festival.

Trish has also worked with Dorothy Shaw, Della Thompson and Frank Hockney.  The quartet recently played at the Big Bang in Oxford on the 8th of September 2009 . See

Trish was also member of the Oxford Jazz Composer's Collective.  It is a seven piece band which plays original jazz compostions. The OJCC is playing the the Oxford Jazz Festival at the Northgate Hall on 23rd April 2011 and again in 2012 with the ShawStone Quintet.

For two years, Trish voluntarily ran the JazzFactor competition (2010-11).  She also works collaboration with the composer and artist, Dorothy Shaw.  Dorothy and Trish run an annual jazz course at the Abingdon Music Centre.  

Current CV 2016

I have a residency at the James Street Tavern every first wednesday of the month (except August and Christmas!).  Starts 8.45pm Free Entry

For info go to - there is a different guest each month and it is good fun 

I also run a monthly Oxford Jazz Kitchen Jam Session at the White Hart Pub in Wolvercote on every last Wednesday of the month.

Starts 8.30pm.  Free entry.  

A very entertaining session with local jazz talent.  Players and punter welcome.  See to see how to join in or just come along to listen

I also encourage my students to take part in Confluence Collective. A multicultural music group.  Check out Ghomgest on their FB page for more details

I am also a member of the Oxford Improvisors (a free Improvisation collective) and also Fractofusus. 

Fractofusus is a performence group of four women composers/musicians.  We perform around the country and occasionally run workshops for adults and children

I play in other jazz projects like ShawStoneNg jazz trio and Cutting Edge Big Band

So music is a big part of my life and a passion!